Trump and Clinton - Full of S*#@? So is your dog.
Trump and Clinton - Full of S*#@?  So is your dog.

Politicians in the United States seem to spend most of their time raising money for their campaign, coming up with implausible legislation in order to make some point with voters and otherwise being of very little use to the American public. With election season upon us, the rhetoric and grandstanding will only become more vitriolic, particularly when it comes to the highest office in the land – President of the United States.

This year marks possibly the most unique election season in the country’s history, with longtime politician Hillary Clinton going up against businessman turned reality star turned politician Donald Trump. Frankly, nobody seems too happy about the choices, but there is no turning back now, and one of these two will be the leader of the free world soon.

The pair is unlikable for a myriad of reasons. Those that despise Clinton will say she is dishonest, point to the fact that she received payment for speaking engagements from Wall Street, and her use of emails. As for the people that despise Trump, they can simply point to racism, or Trump University, or the fact that he says an awful lot without actually saying anything of consequence. Whichever candidate the American people end up choosing to represent them, it is obvious that they will be among the most disliked candidates to wind up in office in some time.

Clinton and Trump certainly are not the first Presidential candidates to be disliked, but the sheer number of Americans who dislike the candidates is staggering. What this means for the future of the United States is questionable, though it could be very good for the waste disposal industry. Let’s face it, picking up after your dog is not a lot of fun, which is why a brand-new innovation in the poop picker-upper industry has been revealed: PooPuppets, featuring caricatures of everybody’s (least) favorite politicians.

From now on, picking up after your dog no longer has to be one of those unfortunate tasks that just comes with the territory – it can actually be fun! Hate Hillary? What about the Donald? Maybe even both? Well, now you can take out those frustrations with PooPuppets . Who ever thought that keeping your yard and neighborhood clean could be so symbolic?

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