The Art of the Poop By Donald Trump
The Art of the Poop By Donald Trump

The Donald is not real. In fact, the Donald is nothing more than a human poop bag. Don’t believe it? Well, l will explain. But first, what’s up with all the lies surrounding Trump’s campaign? His entire existence seems like one gigantic lie!

Tony Schwartz, the co-author of Donald’s Trump 1987 memoir The Art of the Deal, said the book is a work of fiction. Complete and utter fabrication with no ounce of truth in it. Schwartz recently revealed that Trump’s only contribution in the book was a few scribbles. Now, that by itself is not a complete surprise since we’ve known for some time that the Donald can’t even write a Tweet.

What’s certainly alarming is the fact that the Art of the Deal, the book that spawned Trump’s social life, represents The Donald as a shrewd business person and a political figure. But Schwartz came out recently and regretted his part in swindling the public for this long.

Schwartz, during an interview, said that he could not live with himself if Trump went on to win the elections because people believed he was the character portrayed in the book. In what can only be thought as the Art of the Regret, Schwartz admitted that he felt that the book would sell better if he painted Trump as a social tycoon instead of the human black hole he really is.

But we already knew that, even without Mr. Schwartz’s help. Just one look at The Donald, and you can tell straight away he is a disease waiting to eat up Capitol Hill. How can you entrust nuclear codes to someone who boasts that his deals rely on being creative with the truth? Imagine Trump creatively negotiating with foreign governments on global security matters. He’ll make more enemies than all the presidencies combined.

And that is why Trump is a human poop bag. He has, for the last three decades allowed the entire world to believe in a side of him that doesn’t exist. If it were not for Mr. Schwartz growing a spine and coming out, we would not know Trump has the attention span of a 5th Grader. With such a quality, we can all imagine what would happen during a briefing in the Situation Room. “What are they doing in the Middle East? Nuke them! Briefing over.” That would be the typical Trump answer to every situation.

The Donald shouldn’t be given a chance to put his place the dollar bill. The only place his face serves a real purpose is on plastic dog poop bag, like the Donald Trump Dog Poop Bag.  

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