3 Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs
3 Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs

The election has gone awry, our county’s future in the hands of Donald Trump, this election has ‘gone to the dogs’. It should be no surprise that pet themed election products are popping up all over the place. Here are the top 3 political pet products you can get for your furry friend.

Pick Up a Dump With Trump, Clean Up Crap With Clinton
Looking for something a little more cynical? Here’s the product for you, PooPuppets dog poop bags, the most symbolic presidential election product yet. Pick up your dog's dump with Trump.

All politicians are full of crap, put a load or two back in cleaning up behind your best friend.

Available at poopuppets.com & Amazon.com

Petlitical Dog Clothing
From Etsy to Zazzle and Amazon, election themed pet clothing is cropping up all over the web. Whether you want your K9 sporting an “I stand for Trump 2016” shirt, or a “Dogs against Trump” outfit, you’ll find no shortage to choose from.

Amazon Link

Trumperific Dog Wig
Perhaps you’d rather fido express their - or rather your - political views in a more attention catching way? Lucky for you, an etsy shop owner caters to just that desire, as she makes Trump pet wigs. In an interview with Business Insider the shop owner, lenapavia states that she uses an “adjustable elastic to fit all sizes”. Big or small your critter's Trump toupee will stay in place.

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