3 Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Owners

3 Best Holiday Gifts for Dog Owners

It is that part of the year when holidays are closing in and excitement is going sky high. Children as well as friends await their holiday gifts. The joy of holidays is muted for those that dislike like Donald Trump.  However, dogs are man's best friend and they love getting gifts.  

The 3 best holiday gifts for dogs and dog owners. 

Donald Trump Dog Poop Bags

This is one of the best gifts you would ever give to a friend who is a dog owner. Picking up dog poop has never this fun, but now you can Pick Up Dog’s Dump with Trump.

These bags are bound to make you feel politically satisfied.

Buy them at OR


Fuzzu Presidential Parody Dog Toy

Do you hate Donald Trump? Do you want to rip his head off? Does your dog hate him too? If yes, this toy is for you. You can watch your dog destroy Trump and squeeze him to a limit that can excite you. This dog toy is 14” tall and it has a squeaker included that will sound like Donald Trump screaming in pain. This is one of the best gifts you will give to your dog or a friend who is a dog owner.


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Trump Dog Bandana

Trump may or may not be able to hold up America together but this Trump Dog Bandana will hold your dog together with you. The Trump bandana may or may not be comfortable for your dog so you have to be very careful while choosing this product.


Holidays may seem far off at this stage but time flies as fast as F16 aircraft. So don’t wait, get your favorite gifts for your loyal friend or any friend who has a dog to make your holidays memorable and also cherish the election result in a totally different and unique manner.

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3 Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs

3 Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs

The election has gone awry, our county’s future in the hands of Donald Trump, this election has ‘gone to the dogs’. It should be no surprise that pet themed election products are popping up all over the place. Here are the top 3 political pet products you can get for your furry friend.

Pick Up a Dump With Trump, Clean Up Crap With Clinton
Looking for something a little more cynical? Here’s the product for you, PooPuppets dog poop bags, the most symbolic presidential election product yet. Pick up your dog's dump with Trump.

All politicians are full of crap, put a load or two back in cleaning up behind your best friend.

Available at &

Petlitical Dog Clothing
From Etsy to Zazzle and Amazon, election themed pet clothing is cropping up all over the web. Whether you want your K9 sporting an “I stand for Trump 2016” shirt, or a “Dogs against Trump” outfit, you’ll find no shortage to choose from.

Amazon Link

Trumperific Dog Wig
Perhaps you’d rather fido express their - or rather your - political views in a more attention catching way? Lucky for you, an etsy shop owner caters to just that desire, as she makes Trump pet wigs. In an interview with Business Insider the shop owner, lenapavia states that she uses an “adjustable elastic to fit all sizes”. Big or small your critter's Trump toupee will stay in place.

Etsy Link

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The Art of the Poop By Donald Trump

The Art of the Poop By Donald Trump

The Donald is not real. In fact, the Donald is nothing more than a human poop bag. Don’t believe it? Well, l will explain. But first, what’s up with all the lies surrounding Trump’s campaign? His entire existence seems like one gigantic lie!

Tony Schwartz, the co-author of Donald’s Trump 1987 memoir The Art of the Deal, said the book is a work of fiction. Complete and utter fabrication with no ounce of truth in it. Schwartz recently revealed that Trump’s only contribution in the book was a few scribbles. Now, that by itself is not a complete surprise since we’ve known for some time that the Donald can’t even write a Tweet.

What’s certainly alarming is the fact that the Art of the Deal, the book that spawned Trump’s social life, represents The Donald as a shrewd business person and a political figure. But Schwartz came out recently and regretted his part in swindling the public for this long.

Schwartz, during an interview, said that he could not live with himself if Trump went on to win the elections because people believed he was the character portrayed in the book. In what can only be thought as the Art of the Regret, Schwartz admitted that he felt that the book would sell better if he painted Trump as a social tycoon instead of the human black hole he really is.

But we already knew that, even without Mr. Schwartz’s help. Just one look at The Donald, and you can tell straight away he is a disease waiting to eat up Capitol Hill. How can you entrust nuclear codes to someone who boasts that his deals rely on being creative with the truth? Imagine Trump creatively negotiating with foreign governments on global security matters. He’ll make more enemies than all the presidencies combined.

And that is why Trump is a human poop bag. He has, for the last three decades allowed the entire world to believe in a side of him that doesn’t exist. If it were not for Mr. Schwartz growing a spine and coming out, we would not know Trump has the attention span of a 5th Grader. With such a quality, we can all imagine what would happen during a briefing in the Situation Room. “What are they doing in the Middle East? Nuke them! Briefing over.” That would be the typical Trump answer to every situation.

The Donald shouldn’t be given a chance to put his place the dollar bill. The only place his face serves a real purpose is on plastic dog poop bag, like the Donald Trump Dog Poop Bag.  

Donald Trump dog poop bags available at:

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Donald Trump Poop Bags

Donald Trump Poop Bags

With the 2016 elections on their way, there is a huge war against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. “Who will be the winner?” is probably the hottest hot topic in the United States. 

If you are a Hillary Clinton supporter, we may just have the perfect product by which you can express your disliking of the other candidate for the president. The Donald Trump Poop Bag available at is specially made for all the haters of Mr. Trump.

We all understand how the worst task every day is to clean up your pets’ litter box and throw away all that stinky mess. But fret not, the worst task just became the best one! Enjoy throwing all the poop into a plastic bag with Donald Trump’s caricature on it so it feels like you’re force feeding all the poo to him. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

These poop bags are available in an extremely reasonable price with 1 roll (20 bags) for $4.99 and 4 rolls 80 Donald Trump faced poop bags with dispenser packs for only $14.95! It is totally worth every single penny! 

So every time you see him blabbing away on the television, all you need to do is get up and feed him some crap to get the perfect revenge. Whoever thought that picking up poo can be so entertaining and so satisfying?

The Donald Trump poop bag can also be the perfect gift to your politically biased friend who owns a pet. They are sure to get a good laugh out of this and what could be better?

Do you know the best part? These dog poop bags have been endorsed by Donald Trump himself! So much so, he stated that his first step after being elected the president of the United States, will be to ban the entry of all people not possessing a Donald Trump Dog Poop Bag! It’s a good idea to start stocking up on these Donald Trump Poop Bags as soon as possible!

So pick up a poop bag and do your part in the society! Keep your parks clean and your pet’s litter box even cleaner!

Available at:

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Trump and Clinton - Full of S*#@? So is your dog.

Trump and Clinton - Full of S*#@?  So is your dog.

Politicians in the United States seem to spend most of their time raising money for their campaign, coming up with implausible legislation in order to make some point with voters and otherwise being of very little use to the American public. With election season upon us, the rhetoric and grandstanding will only become more vitriolic, particularly when it comes to the highest office in the land – President of the United States.

This year marks possibly the most unique election season in the country’s history, with longtime politician Hillary Clinton going up against businessman turned reality star turned politician Donald Trump. Frankly, nobody seems too happy about the choices, but there is no turning back now, and one of these two will be the leader of the free world soon.

The pair is unlikable for a myriad of reasons. Those that despise Clinton will say she is dishonest, point to the fact that she received payment for speaking engagements from Wall Street, and her use of emails. As for the people that despise Trump, they can simply point to racism, or Trump University, or the fact that he says an awful lot without actually saying anything of consequence. Whichever candidate the American people end up choosing to represent them, it is obvious that they will be among the most disliked candidates to wind up in office in some time.

Clinton and Trump certainly are not the first Presidential candidates to be disliked, but the sheer number of Americans who dislike the candidates is staggering. What this means for the future of the United States is questionable, though it could be very good for the waste disposal industry. Let’s face it, picking up after your dog is not a lot of fun, which is why a brand-new innovation in the poop picker-upper industry has been revealed: PooPuppets, featuring caricatures of everybody’s (least) favorite politicians.

From now on, picking up after your dog no longer has to be one of those unfortunate tasks that just comes with the territory – it can actually be fun! Hate Hillary? What about the Donald? Maybe even both? Well, now you can take out those frustrations with PooPuppets . Who ever thought that keeping your yard and neighborhood clean could be so symbolic?

Available at

$4.95 - Single Roll

$14.95 - 4 Rolls + Dispenser

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